Beta Confluent Kafka ZooKeeper 2.1.1-4.0.0e-beta

DC/OS Beta Confluent Apache Kafka ZooKeeper is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage Apache ZooKeeper on DC/OS for the purposes of running the DC/OS Apache Kafka and DC/OS Confluent Kafka Services. ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration and naming information, as well as providing distributed synchronization and group services.

For more information on Apache ZooKeeper, see the ZooKeeper documentation. In particular, the ZooKeeper Admin Guide.


  • Single command installation for rapid provisioning.
  • CLI for easy management.
  • Cluster size of 3 or 5 nodes for fault tolerance in production.
  • Multiple ZooKeeper clusters sharing a single DC/OS cluster for multi-tenancy.
  • Rolling software and configuration updates for runtime maintenance.

Install and Customize

The default DC/OS Apache Zookeeper Service installation provides reasonable defaults for trying out the service, but may not be sufficient for production use. You may require different configurations depeneding on the context of the deployment.…Read More

Node Settings

Adjust the following settings to customize the amount of resources allocated to each node. DC/OS Apache ZooKeeper’s system requirements must be taken into consideration when adjusting these values. Reducing these values below those requirements may result in adverse performance and/or failures while using the service.…Read More


If you are using DC/OS 1.10 and the installed service has a version greater than 2.0.0-x:…Read More

Quick Start

If you are using open source DC/OS, install an Apache Zookeeper cluster with the following command from the DC/OS CLI. If you are using Enterprise DC/OS, you may need to follow additional instructions. See the Install and Customize section for information.…Read More

Connecting Clients

One of the benefits of running containerized services is that they can be placed anywhere in the cluster. Because they can be deployed anywhere in the cluster, clients need a way to find the service. This is where service discovery comes in.…Read More


…Read More


In order to run Apache ZooKeeper with Kerberos security enabled, a principal needs to be added for every node in the ensemble. For example, a three node ensemble with the default service primary ( of zookeeper will require to following principals:…Read More

API Reference

The DC/OS Apache Zookeeper Service implements a REST API that can be accessed from outside the cluster. The parameter referenced below indicates the base URL of the DC/OS cluster on which the DC/OS Apache Zookeeper Service is deployed.…Read More

Disaster Recovery

ZooKeeper backup and restore operations are typically done by creating copies of the latest data and log directories generated by the cluster. This can be done by SSHing into a node and manually copying the files you want to restore. The data directory is named zookeeper-data-directory and the log directory is named zookeeper-log-directory.…Read More


…Read More


Only 3 or 5 Zookeeper nodes are allowed.…Read More

Supported Versions

…Read More

Release Notes

This is a beta release of the DC/OS Confluent Kafka Zookeeper service. It contains multiple improvements as well as new features that are to be considered of beta quality. Do not operate this version in production.…Read More


We support upgrade/rollback between adjacent versions only. Concretely, to upgrade from version 2 to version 4, you must upgrade from 2 -> 3, then from 3 -> 4.…Read More