The default DC/OS Apache ZooKeeper Service installation provides reasonable defaults for trying out the service, but may not be sufficient for production use. You may require different configurations depeneding on the context of the deployment.


  • If you are using Enterprise DC/OS, you may need to provision a service account before installing DC/OS Apache ZooKeeper Service. Only someone with superuser permission can create the service account.
    • strict security mode requires a service account.
    • In permissive security mode a service account is optional.
    • disabled security mode does not require a service account.
  • Your cluster must have at least 3 private nodes.

Installing from the DC/OS CLI

To start a basic test cluster of Apache ZooKeeper, run the following command on the DC/OS CLI. Enterprise DC/OS users must follow additional instructions. More information about installing Apache ZooKeeper on Enterprise DC/OS.

dcos package install kafka-zookeeper

You can specify a custom configuration in an options.json file and pass it to dcos package install using the --options parameter.

dcos package install kafka-zookeeper --options=options.json

Recommendation: Store your custom configuration in source control.

For more information on building the options.json file, see the DC/OS documentation for service configuration access.

Installng from the DC/OS Web Interface

You can install Apache ZooKeeper from the DC/OS web interface. If you install Apache ZooKeeper from the web interface, you must install the DC/OS Apache ZooKeeper CLI subcommands separately. From the DC/OS CLI, enter:

dcos package install kafka-zookeeper --cli

Choose ADVANCED INSTALLATION to perform a custom installation.