Beta Kubernetes 0.5.0-1.9.1-beta

DC/OS Kubernetes package makes it easy to deploy and manage Kubernetes on DC/OS, eliminating nearly all of the complexity traditionally associated with setting-up and managing a secure and highly-available cluster of Kubernetes nodes.

Advanced Installation

The default DC/OS Kubernetes package installation provides reasonable defaults for trying out the service. However, there are many levers that will enable opt-in features or allow you to change the resources allocated to your Kubernetes cluster. This page describes them.…Read More

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For example, to uninstall a Beta Kubernetes instance named beta-kubernetes-dev, run:…Read More

Quick Start

If you are using Open Source DC/OS, install a Kubernetes cluster with the following command from the DC/OS CLI.…Read More

Connecting Clients

First, install kubectl locally, in a path your session understands, e.g. /usr/local/bin.…Read More

Install and Customize

The default DC/OS Kubernetes package installation provides reasonable defaults for trying out the service. As of this writing, this service is not certified for production use.…Read More

Disaster Recovery

This feature allows for backing up and restoring a Kubernetes cluster, in case of disaster. The state of the cluster is comprised of the package service configuration and any existing Kubernetes resources when the backup is performed.…Read More


Currently, the DC/OS Kubernetes package has the following limitations. We will be adding features rapidly as we approach General Availability (GA).…Read More

Supported Versions

The DC/OS Kubernetes package runs Kubernetes v1.9.1, etcd 3.2.9 and Docker v18.02.0-ce-rc2. It supports DC/OS version 1.11 and later.…Read More

Release Notes

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External Ingress

If you want to expose HTTP/S (L7) apps to the outside world - at least outside the DC/OS cluster - you should create a Kubernetes Ingress resource. However, in order for the Ingress resource to work, the Kubernetes cluster must have a custom ingress controller running. This package does not install such controller by default, but gives you the freedom of choice to install an ingress controller by default.…Read More