DC/OS Apache Cassandra is an automated service that makes it easy to deploy and manage Apache Cassandra on DC/OS. Apache Cassandra is a distributed NoSQL database offering high availability, fault tolerance and scalability across data centers.

For more information on Apache Cassandra, see the Apache Cassandra documentation.


  • Easy installation
  • Simple horizontal scaling of Cassandra nodes
  • Straightforward backup and restore of data out of the box
  • Multi-datacenter replication support

Installing and Customizing

The default DC/OS Apache Cassandra installation provides reasonable defaults for trying out the service, but may not be sufficient for production use. You may require different configurations depending on the context of the deployment.…Read More

Service Settings

You must configure each instance of DC/OS Apache Cassandra in a given DC/OS cluster with a different service name. You can configure the service name in the service section of the advanced installation section of the DC/OS web interface. The default service name (used in many examples here) is cassandra.…Read More

Cassandra Settings

You can configure most of the settings exposed in Apache Cassandra’s cassandra.yaml configuration file in DC/OS Apache Cassandra. For information about these settings, see the Apache Cassandra documentation. Settings that you can configure include:…Read More

Node Settings

Adjust the following settings to customize the amount of resources allocated to each node. DC/OS Apache Cassandra’s system requirements must be taken into consideration when adjusting these values. Reducing these values below those requirements may result in adverse performance and/or failures while using the service.…Read More


If you are using DC/OS 1.10 and the installed service has a version greater than 2.0.0-x:…Read More

Quick Start

You can also install DC/OS Apache Cassandra from the DC/OS web interface.…Read More

Connecting Clients

Clients communicating with Apache Cassandra use the Cassandra Query Language (CQL) to issue queries and write data to the cluster. CQL client libraries exist in many languages, and Apache Cassandra ships with a utility called cqlsh that enables you to issue queries against an Apache Cassandra cluster from the command line.…Read More


You can make changes to the service after it has been launched. Configuration management is handled by the scheduler process, which in turn handles deploying Cassandra itself.…Read More

API Reference

The DC/OS Apache Cassandra Service implements a REST API that may be accessed from outside the cluster. The parameter referenced below indicates the base URL of the DC/OS cluster on which the Apache Cassandra Service is deployed.…Read More

Disaster Recovery

You can backup an entire cluster’s data and schema to Amazon S3 using the backup-s3 plan. This plan requires the following parameters to run:…Read More


Logs for the scheduler and all service nodes can be viewed from the DC/OS web interface.…Read More


The DC/OS Cassandra Service must be deployed with at least 3 nodes.…Read More

Supported Versions

…Read More

Release Notes

…Read More


We support upgrade/rollback between adjacent versions only. Concretely, to upgrade from version 2 to version 4, you must upgrade from 2 -> 3, then from 3 -> 4.…Read More