Pool configuration file format information.

Edge-LB accepts configuration in either YAML or JSON format.

Convert YAML to JSON

Convert a YAML configuration file to JSON and output the results to stdout with the command below.

dcos edgelb show --convert-to-json=/path/to/yaml

Convert JSON to YAML

There currently isn’t an automated way to do this, the suggested method is to hand convert it, and then use the YAML to JSON conversion on your YAML and then do a diff between your YAML and the JSON.

# First hand convert JSON to YAML

# Then compare to original json with the `diff` shell command.
# Here we "convert" even the JSON file to get consistently formatted JSON
diff <(dcos edgelb show --convert-to-json=myconfig.yaml) <(dcos edgelb show --convert-to-json=myconfig.json)