Install and Customize on DC/OS Enterprise


Installing Marathon-LB

About installing Marathon-LB

The installation procedure varies according to your security mode. Refer to the section that corresponds to your security mode for step-by-step instructions.

Installing in disabled and permissive modes

Using the DC/OS CLI

Prerequisite: DC/OS CLI installed and logged in via dcos auth login as a user with the necessary permissions.

If you don’t want to change any of the default settings, you can install Marathon-LB with the following command.

dcos package install marathon-lb

To customize Marathon-LB, you can use the following command to determine its options.

dcos package describe --config marathon-lb

Create a new config.json file to override any one of the default settings and install Marathon-LB using the following command, where config.json contains your custom settings.

dcos package install --options=config.json marathon-lb

Using the Catalog

To install Marathon-LB from the Catalog in disabled and permissive modes, log into the DC/OS web interface as a user with the necessary permissions.

  1. Click the Catalog tab.
  2. Locate the marathon-lb package.
  3. Click REVIEW & RUN.
  4. To optionally customize Marathon-LB, click EDIT, customize parameters, then click REVIEW AND RUN.
  5. Click RUN SERVICE.

Installing in strict mode


The parameters shown in Provisioning Marathon-LB are required to install Marathon-LB. You may wish to modify other default values before installing the service. To view the configuration options and defaults of Marathon-LB, type the following command.

dcos package describe --config marathon-lb

Once you have the config.json file with the required and optional parameters, use the following command to install.

dcos package install --options=config.json marathon-lb

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